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No Good Clarksville

I lived in Clarksville TN for 20 yr . 1990's was the best of Clarksville TN after 2000 it all went to Hell!!!!!. I am a 2000 graduate so no I am not a old person giving a review. I think Katrina brought most of the trouble.... Do not move to this town and do not raise kids in this town!!!! I am glad I took my kids away from Clarksville/Oak Grove!!!!
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Moving Away From Here

We moved here 3 years ago from California. My husband retired from the Marine Coprs, his new job brought us here! We have lived in many different states.. Clarksville is overpopulated, very congested, going from exit 11 to exit 4 will take you 20-30 mins any given day or time while it's only 8 miles away! Very boring nothing to do, unless you want to fit in, therefore you go shopping and eat! Lots of chain restaurants. Nashville is about a hour away due to traffic. Roadways are absolutely horrible! Nashville is not a pretty place, unless you go to the outskirts of Nashville! Crime rate is horrible in Clarksville and Nashville. Sango area is where I live and we have had no problems. Decent schools, pleasant neighbors. However I wouldn't move here, employement is not that great unless you are willing to commute. Good luck!
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From a native

Although the housing is really cheap, you'll have to commute to Nashville (about an hour away) if you really want to do anything fun. There are lots of schools, with one being built every few years. The weather is a bit unpredictable. Fall can be mild to downright hot. Winters are usually mild, and if one does see snow, it's usually in late January to February.Fort Campbell is also basically in the city, so this would be a good place for military to move to. There are also lots of cheap apartments available. I think this place is only good for retirees and people raising a family. Anyone else should not move here. There's also Austin Peay, but I would really recommend it if you are going for nursing or business. Good luck finding work that isn't minimum wage/ part-time and/or military-related. The only exception would probably be nursing jobs. There also seems to be lots of shooting, several of which can take place in a year. Some of these happen near campus. Accidents seem to occur at least once to twice a month. There are plenty of places to eat and they only keep building more. There is only one mall, so it's better to go to Nashville for that. The plus side is that there are very beautiful places here, lots of country and farmland, especially the further you go out of the city.
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Not recommended.

I just moved from clarksville tn, i moved because the crime is immensely bad. Huge gang problem. Worse city i have ever lived in, and i have lived in Chicago. I do not recommend you live there and if you must because you are affiliated with military i suggest living outside of clarksville, perhaps Springfield (more country but much safer) I moved to mount Juliet myself, and find it much safer despite it's costly living. People are just getting stabbed and shot for no reason, including the wealthiest parts of clarksville. It simply isn't safe anywhere in that city and many people within clarksville would agree. The people commuting these crimes rarely get caught, which i believe is why it has gotten so bad, they know they can get away with it. I have known children to be shot and little old lady's getting shot. Just the other week, a women got stabbed FOR NO REASON. She was also in the allegedly nice part of clarksville. STAY OUT OF THIS HORRIBLE CITY. And disregard my recommendation for singles.
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Clarksville, Tennessee - A Cumberland Queen

Clarksville, Tennessee is a great city on the Tennessee and Kentucky state borderline. Founded in 1785 by General George Rogers Clark, it now is the fifth biggest city in the state of Tennessee. It is also home to eight colleges and universities. There are many places of interest in Clarksville. Some of the historical sites are Royal Point State Park, the restored L and N railroad Station and Historic Collinsville to name a few. For entertainment that is more active, there is the Clarksville Speedway, the Cumberland River Walk and King's Bluff for rock climbing. The city hosts several cultural events throughout the year and Clarksville offers several museums, art galleries and theatres for those purposes. Since the city is so large, there are a multitude of nice hotels and motels in various price ranges. Restaurants, pubs and clubs abound, making it easy to find something to do in the evenings. Clarksville is a great place with all it has to offer its citizens and visitors. I would highly recommend taking time to while away a few hours in this fair city. It is no wonder that Clarksville has earned the nickname, "Queen of the Cumberland".
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