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Canton, Ohio: A Great Family Destination

My husband and I spent five days in May 2010 visiting Canton, Ohio. The friendly people really make Canton a great place to visit. We stayed at the Days Inn at 8392 Market Street. While this hotel is not fancy it is very reasonably priced and clean. One of the must see things in Canton is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Even if someone is not a huge football fan this is still a very interesting place to visit. We also have a AAA card, so we got a small discount on the price of admission here. The second day of our trip we spent a few hours visiting the Canton Classic Car Museum. While I didn't really care for this museum, my husband loved it. You definitely need to have a love for cars to enjoy this museum. The second night in the city we went to eat at Pileggi Italian Cafe which is located on Easton Street. I would take another vacation to Canton just to eat at this restaurant. The food at Pileggi was by far the best Italian food I have ever eaten. The third day of our trip we spent visiting the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum. I was very surprised at how wonderful this museum was. I could have spent all day in this museum alone. After spending just a few days in the city of Canton, Ohio it has become one of my favorite vacation destinations.
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