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Big Spring, TX

Don't move to Big Spring,TX. Only 2 places to buy groceries. WalMart & HEB. Nothing to do here. Even on the weekends. THERE IS NO WATER. You can't use any water outside because of the restrictions put on us by Mother Nature (drought). Then, because they didn't use their money wisely, the water mains are breaking ALL the time. You can be in the middle of a bath and boom. No water. We lived in Odessa, TX for over 30 years. Only had no water two times when they worked on the water tower. We've lived here in Big Spring less than 2 years and already close to a dozen times,,,no water. It's not for just an hour or two either. It's all day. Don't move here. The mall here is like non existent. Bealls should go ahead and lock their doors. Oh, hey, we do have a Dollar Store and Radio Shack. WooHoo!
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