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Seeking opinions and advice regarding relocation Hello all, My husband and I are relocating to the Metro East area, after living in Chicago/Evanston for many years. We scoped-out Belleville, Collinsville, and Alton, during a recent trip - and we overwhelmingly liked Alton over the others - no offense to residents of those places, but the overwhelming feeling of sprawl/subdivision life was just not what we want. We aren't looking for a place to raise a family - that will be later. We loved the architecture and landscape in Alton, and get a kick out of its history and spooky tales - however, on paper, Alton seems to be some sort of horrendous dump where dreams go to die. So either my husband and I are completely insane, or, we aren't getting an accurate, balanced picture of the scene in Alton (based on the data). Is the crime pervasive or localized? Are there a lot of rehab facilities or projects or something? Is it impossible to sell a house? It seems like the amount of car accidents is quite high too - could anyone offer some insight/context regarding this information? Our goal here is to have a house that we like, in a neighborhood where we can feel secure (and, after living in Chicago, we also know that preventing crime often just requires some sense), and eventually sell the house - and we aren't even looking to make a profit - just, actually be able to sell it eventually, when it's time to lay our final roots. We do not want to live in a hopeless warzone and be stuck with a house forever. So, with those parameters in mind, please advise...and your input is immensely appreciated! Thank you - K Answer question
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