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The Attraction of Tuckahoe, VA

Three years ago I moved from Tuckahoe, VA to New York. I absolutely loved Tuckahoe. It still remains to be my home. I am making a point to return soon with my family. I loved almost everything about Tuckahoe. The positive aspects of where I used to live are the amenities, the crime rate as well as the education. Unfortunately, there were some things I remember to be not so great such as the cost of living as well as the unemployment rate. When I lived in Tuckahoe, I walked everywhere. Where I lived, I could drop my two kids off of school and go to the local bakery nearby for a cup of coffee. Within a mile radius, one could walk to go to a park, to a local bakery, to local and delicious restaurants, to my kid's school, as well to be close to a grocery store. Another bright side to living in Tuckahoe was the small crime rate. Crime where I lived was very low. Although I would recommend to take the normal precaution of locking the doors at night, kids and adults can feel safe when living in Tuckahoe. Living in a very affluent part of town does come at a cost. As being two working parents, my husband and I did have a large mortgage to pay off. The houses where I lived were expensive. They were very nice, however the desired part of town in Tuckahoe was quite expensive to live in. The unemployment rate in Tuckahoe, although only at 3.9 percent was quite noticeable in this part of town. I am hoping that the unemployment rate will not bring up the crime rate at all.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 12, 2015
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