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Springfield, IL. Very Boring for Young Adults

I have lived in and around Springfield, Illinois for 20 years now. There is nothing to do if you are a young adult. We have a very small, boring mall, a few other chain stores, some restaurants, and other than that bowling and movie theaters. Down town is okay but it is mostly bars. It is extremely boring and uneventful. Crime is pretty bad, especially once you get away from the white oaks mall or the "richer" parts of town. Everything is run down. There are not very many apartment complexes for those who are renting. The few that are on the market are there for a reason. They are way over priced or in a very bad neighborhood.
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MissMadson2013Posted on May 23, 2015
Springfield, Illinois - The Land of Lincoln

Having lived in Illinois all my life, Springfield, Illinois is a place I know very well. On numerous occasions, I have had the opportunity to visit the city. Since Springfield is the state capitol of Illinois, it offers many things to see and do. Several of the attractions in Springfield are historical landmarks. Anyone who is traveling to Springfield should make it a point to visit the capitol building and the Governor's Mansion. Both of these sites offer free admission. Springfield is famous for its many museums as well as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Of course, no trip to Springfield is complete without touring the Lincoln Home, which is a national historic site. When I go to Springfield, I enjoy shopping at White Oaks Mall. It is the largest mall in the area and houses over one hundred different retail stores. There are also many smaller malls and shopping centers in and around Springfield. Springfield has a wide choice of nice hotels and convention centers. There are some great restaurants and a lively selection of pubs, bars and clubs from which to choose. I highly recommend the Brickhouse Grill and Pub as the best of both.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 20, 2010
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