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Awsome place

I live in and was raised in soddy daisy TN. It is a great town and great for families. If you aint from soddy you aint nobody. There's home availability and tons of parks for families. Like Chester Frost and also the water park downtown. Downtown is a great place to ride bikes, swim, eat, and just have fun. If you are a family looking to get away from city life and live with country folk it's the perfect place. It has a low crime rate and couldn't be better. It also has great festivals. Like the Christmas parade and riverbend.But it is pretty crazy when it comes to people. They're not mean just crazy and very friendly. There's tons of movie theaters for a rainy day also. It's a beautiful place with beautiful wilderness and beautiful lakes. It's a great place to live and I highly recommend it. I'm proud to call soddy daisy my home and proud to say I will NEVER call any other place a home.
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MadiPosted on Jul 10, 2013
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