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Shreveport Offers Exciting Entertainment Options

I lived in Shreveport for over 5 years, and I enjoyed the variety of attractions the city has to offer. I only moved when I was required to by my job. If I had a choice, I would gladly relocate back to Shreveport. With so many entertainment possibilities, I was certainly never bored. Shreveport is in close proximity to Bossier City. Only a bridge separates the two, so living in Shreveport was almost like having two cities to pick form instead of just one. The casinos are incredibly popular, and people drive from towns nearby to visit and try their luck. While I enjoyed being able to have a casino night with friends, my favorite benefit of Shreveport was having the CenturyLink Center nearby. All of the popular performing acts seem to include it on their tours, and I felt like I never missed out on a concert. I also enjoyed visiting the Louisiana Boardwalk on the weekends. This area combines the best of dining and shopping. When friends came to visit with their families, we would often visit this area and Mall St. Vincent. In recent years Shreveport has emerged as a filming location for movies. Local residents are invited to apply for a position as a film extra. I had fun working as an occasional extra, and I miss having that chance. I also took some courses at Louisiana State University at Shreveport. Shreveport pays respect to the French culture that is popular in Louisiana, so Mardi Gras parades are another fun activity that is available. The only negative I found was the traffic. Shreveport traffic can be a hassle, but once I learned my way around the city I enjoyed what I found.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jan 13, 2015
Asian Restaurant

Shreveport has plenty of good restaurants around, especially steakhouses and Asian places. However if you are ever in the mood for some good Chinese food then you should definitely try out Imperial Cathay. They cook good food and make it very fast. Very fresh and receive a good portion for the price. Definitely a restaurant you'd like to try out if you are in the area because it wont let you down. Their dumplings and lunch chicken chowder soup are to die for. Nice place, love eating here with my family and friends. Hope this review helps and you enjoy it too:)
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shreveporthelpPosted on Jun 17, 2014
Shreveport: Good but Not Great

I have lived in Shreveport, Louisiana for all of my adult life. While Shreveport itself isn't exactly my favorite place in the world, it's proximity to other places makes it a decent place to live. Shreveport is just half an hour from some really fun places in Louisiana and Texas, including Minden, Louisiana; Grand Cane, Louisiana; and Jefferson, Texas. These cities are great for shopping and sight-seeing day trips. Another great part of living in Shreveport is that Dallas, Texas is just a few hours away. As a matter of fact, I moved to Shreveport from Dallas as a teenager and still have family living there today. Foodies will love Shreveport's unique selection of restaurants. History buffs will love the area too. My husband and I are Civil War fanatics and spend many weekends visiting local historic sites. Many people do not know that Shreveport was actually the capital of Louisiana during the Civil War. We also enjoy visiting Natchitoches, Louisiana, which is about an hour away. It is the oldest settlement in the state. Just over the Red River is Bossier, Louisiana, which is a wonderful city with great schools and suburban neighborhoods. Unfortunately, while Bossier continues to grow and shine, Shreveport has lost many of the things that once made it great. Our sports teams, which included an American Association baseball team, an Arena League football team and a Western Professional League hockey team, all moved to other cities throughout the last few years. Currently, our historic downtown area is working to reinvent itself by turning old buildings into apartments and hosting numerous annual festivals, but Shreveport has a long way to go before it is as good as it once was.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Dec 19, 2011
Shreveport, LA - Seafood to Die for!

I visited Shreveport, Louisiana and had a great time. Shreveport is the best city in America for seafood. Crescent Landing Catfish on Pines Road is the lace to go for an amazing catfish dinner. The hush puppies are fried shrimp are two other favorite dishes served by the eatery. If one would rather dine on oysters than catfish and hush puppies, one should try The Oyster Bar on Piedmont Road. The Oyster Bar is a Shreveport staple, and is known for it's excellent shrimp and plentiful cocktail selections. A local favorite restaurant in Shreveport that has been around for a few years is Guiden Seafood Restaurant, an establishment that is famous for its shrimp buster and the goblets of beer it serves. For a fun place to enjoy the company of friends, Guiden can not be beat. For great Cajun seafood, Crawdaddy's Kitchen is the place to go. A favorite of customers is the shrimp po boy. Shrimp and fish baskets are also popular. Food is served fast and for affordable prices. Bottom line, Shreveport is the best city to find delicious seafood and is worth the visit!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 05, 2010
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