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Savannah Reviews

  • AreaVibes Contributor reviewed Savannah
  • May 30, 2010
Savannah, Georgia - A Confluence of the Ancient and the New
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Savannah, Georgia is an intriguing place. I have been there many times. The city contains elements of the ancient and the new. Savannah is an old seaport town. In the early days, it was Georgia's capital and it's most important and prosperous city. Georgia's only sea port is located here.

Savannah truly is a beautiful city. It contains antebellum mansions, parks and cemeteries that are hundreds of years old. Visiting these attractions is like stepping into the past. There are old world construction techniques and centuries old moss covered trees that cast long shadows and blessed shade throughout the city. Many in the city still embrace the leisurely pace for which the old South is famous.

But Savannah also has elements of the most modern of cities. There are a number of colleges with vibrant populations of students carving a futuristic new world out of this old city. There are diverse musical styles and artists and musicians populate the riverwalk overlooking the lazy Savannah River. Here thousands work, shop, or just enjoy the ambiance and the incredible food offered by a stunning array of restaurants offering diverse dishes. And then there are the beautiful beaches that offer blessed peace of mind.