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Population (2013)137,690
People per square mile1,333
Household income$34,888
Income per capita$19,835
Male/Female ratio0.93:1
Males 18-39 years38.0%
Females 18-39 years36.7%
Married (15yrs and older)40.4%
Have children (under 18yrs)43.0%
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Terrible city to liveI have lived here for one year and it has been the most disappointing and sad experience out of many years of travel. I find it insulting that brochures depict fountains of Forsyth Park and River street to be the norm, when in realityRead full review
Savannah, Georgia - A Confluence of the Ancient and the NewSavannah, Georgia is an intriguing place. I have been there many times. The city contains elements of the ancient and the new. Savannah is an old seaport town. In the early days, it was Georgia's capital and it's most important andRead full review

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  • prosperity posted a question in Savannah
  • October 02, 2015
Why is crime statistics off?Really? Why is crime rated a C when this small sized city has multiple crimes daily? Why have I experienced 5 car break-ins while parked just outside of the tourist district? Why isn't the rate accurate, especially when cops are calledSee full question
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  • prosperity posted a question in Savannah
  • October 02, 2015
Why does it get to promote a certain reputation?I'd like to know why this city gets to hide behind poverty and a deficient education system while it caters to tourism without truth. Who decides what truth really getsSee full question
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