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Salina, KS - Want To Come Back

I lived in Salina, KS for about 3 years. I found a lot of things here to do with my family. I did not have one bad experience while living there for my whole three years. I would eventually love to go back and retire in this area. There were several attractions to choose from when looking for something to do here. One really neat thing they had was the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure. There were all different types of exotic animals to visit here. They also did pictures with a select number of these animals. Another thing there was a lot of was camp grounds. There were several places to take the family for a week of roughing it in the summer time. There were also many more attractions for anybody to enjoy. I had no problems when it came to the community. Everybody I met was really nice and community oriented. There were many places to get a quick bite to eat along with even more places to sit down for a relaxing meal. I never had a problem finding a good place to have a meal out. Some of the places include IHOP, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. There are a few bars to enjoy the occasional nightlife at. There are not a whole lot to choose from but the ones they have are rather nice. They are perfect if you don't mind visit little family bars. This area is definitely not deprived of places to do your daily shopping at. There is a mall located conveniently in Salina KS, along with many other places. Some of these other places include a Target, Sears, and Hobby Lobby. You should have no problem purchasing what you need to locally. Overall, Salina, KS is a very nice city. I would recommend living here or even just stopping by for a visit to almost anybody. Keep in mind the little city of Salina, KS next time you are looking for a quiet place to relocate the family to.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 22, 2012
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