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Reston, Virginia - Modern Garden of Eden!

When I visited Reston from nearby Falls Church, Virginia, I felt that I was in an idyllic city. Its streets are safe to walk around in and are very, very clean. Visiting Restons' restaurants is a gourmet treat, with its many ethnic delights, especially with a glass of wine from wineries further south, but nearby via the parkway. Reston is a planned community with plenty of shopping, cultural indoors and outdoors events, for each season. I love the groomed neighborhoods include Stratford, Hunter Woods Village, Carlton House, Shadowood, Chestnut Grove, Savoy, Southgate, Northgate, and Bentana Park. The communities that are closest to downtown and include the center of town are Midtown, Market Street, Lake Anne and the Edgewater.. The Town Center of this fun town is phenomenal any day of the week, where the working professionals, artistic elite, and the cultural hub of Reston meet and greet. If you have moved or relocated to Reston, you will soon discover that the Chamber of Commerce has encouraged entrepreneurship businesses from the surrounding Dulles area which brings quality corporate connections, programs, and a clean way of living. Reston communities, within themselves, are connected by natural walking paths and wooded trails, lakes for boating, dog parks, and busy bike trails. Real estate options include townhomes, condos, waterfront homes, affordable apartments, elegant colonial and embassy homes, and residences that are adjoined to horse farms and other spacious properties. Professional working opportunities are in the fields of aviation, the computer industry, law, educational institutions, and science ventures. My friends have informed me that a direct silver metro line is slated for completion in 2013, accessible from Dulles Airport, National Airport and Washington, DC. Are you looking for that special someone, come to Reston, one of the best places to live with active year round activities for singles and the whole family.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jan 30, 2012
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