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rancho will watch you die

Do not get sick here if you are not military or a minority. You will need to get help in another city. You will see the dark underbelly of medical care here. You will realize fairly quickly you are a resource that's is going to be abused in short order. I had some severe medical problems and was told point blank told I had to pay huge monies before they would even consider helping me. The amount was more than anyone in the waiting room or office had collectively and it was more of an issue of rape the white dude for cash than it was a case of normal medical care. A guy with no insurance from out of town who needed immediate help can expect to pay hundreds or more before they will even consider seeing you. Avoid this place like the plague. I went to a neighboring city and was seen and treated for a hell of a lot less. If your healthy then you might survive, if not Folsom or IMO anywhere is better to live in than here. This place is a pothole, avoid it. be careful in rancho. buy gas here if ya have to I would avoid it otherwise.
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tekPosted on Apr 12, 2013
My Relaxing Life In Rancho Cordova, California

I have lived in Rancho Cordova for over six years. If you're not familiar with Rancho Cordova, it's an interesting place. What makes it interesting is that if you're on the El Dorado Freeway or Sunrise Boulevard, then you're going to see some congestion. However, if you go anywhere else, you're going to be able to enjoy a lot of open space. I try to stay away from the highways unless I need something from a discount or outlet store. The restaurants here are average at best so I prefer to eat at home. That said, I do enjoy the wine shops and coffee shops. The main reason I choose to live in Rancho Cordova is the ideal weather and the parks. Being only a short drive to the ocean also helps, but I spend most of my time at the parks in town. The American River Parkway is the best thing ever invented. It's 23 miles long and it flanks the banks of the river. It's beautiful. Not only that, but there are several parks to enjoy along this route. Discovery Park is my favorite. The primary reason for this is because I play softball there once a week, but I will also go for long walks on the Jededian Smith Memorial Trail from time to time. I keep meaning to try out archery, but I haven't gotten up the guts. Ancil Hoffman Park is also nice. I play golf there on occasion. When I feel like fishing, I visit the William B. Recreation Area. They have two ponds stocked with a lot of trout and catfish. From what I understand, you can hike deep into the forest, but I'll pass on that option. If I want to be one with nature, I'll just sit by the river and listen to the rapids.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 16, 2012
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