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Consider to power your house with solar energy? We are from Jinggong Energy. If you ever consider to power your house or any facilities with solar energy, please kindly launch our website for more details and feel free to contact with us if you need any further assistance. Below is the brief introduction of our company:Zhejiang Jinggong Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. (the Company hereinafter) is a professional investor, builder, and operator of solar PV power projects. With a registered capital of 500 million RMB, the Company is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.With its own core technology for new energy operations, the Company has, through an optimized PV industry chain, fully integrated its advantages in the whole industry chain and technology, such as financing and investment, system integration, power operating, information service, and operations & maintenance management, in order to build a global integrated energy operation platform. It has developed five major integrated systems: financing and investment, green integration, design and construction, internet technology, and operation & maintenance.
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JG EnergyPosted on Dec 28, 2016
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