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Radford, VA

There's no diversity here...well, you have to search pretty hard at least. All culture/diversity is at the university. If there's an event worth noting it's usually at the school. There's a great music community here though, at least if you like bluegrass! A local restaurant holds a weekly jam session and it's really great to watch. I am what you'd call a townie, and I can't wait to move. It's not the area, it is beautiful, it's the drugs, poverty, small mindedness and lack of activities. Groceries are cheap, apt and houses are cheap too. The New River is great attraction and it's lovely to visit neighboring parks in the spring and summer. The weather is mild and rather nice here as well. Pretty warm in the summer and a bit cold in the winter, but not too crazy. There are a few wonderful local stores/restaurants- Lamores, Crumb and Get It, River City Grill
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ejenkinsPosted on Mar 17, 2014
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