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Another over taxed decling coal region town

Pottsville has some historical qualities having yuengling america's oldest brewery. But really it is in the center of a declining area full of pollution and blight. Its one of the better towns in Schuylkill County, But with bad weather, poor jobs, and nothing to do. I dont know how the heck this could be a 75 rating. Amenities A! really! what the heck is here other than yuengling brewery and a bunch of bars and very average mostly overpriced restaurants. Also highly taxed, i do not know how you guys get an Aplus for cost of living. with the high school taxes and state income tax at 3.07 percent. This city has a better police department and fields for kids than the other cities in the area but that is about the only governmental plus. Another very poor ranking that makes no sense at all. id give it a 35 at most.
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drybackPosted on May 26, 2015
Stay away if your not 55+ amd of European decent

I have had the great displeasure of living in Pottsville PA for 7 years and I hated every moment of it for the most part. If you are Black, Asian or anything else STAY AWAY!! You will be hated taunted and spat on for no reason by all the hicks that live in this area. Needless to say there is nothing here and their is a reason why the population is going down. Either some people are getting smart and moving or the elderly are dying. In fact the entire county for the most part is just horrible. Please I beg you if your smart or not white stay away from here. Its a dead area and will stay dead until the people areound here pop that stupid bubble they are in. Everywhere else things are improving and this place will die and more then likely no one will give a crap. I repeat DO NOT COME HERE. Don't think you'll find any shopping and god don't live here. The cost of living might be cheap, but its not worth it. They are discriminatory, raciest and one of those areas that are stuck in that 1900's. Plus the only rental place the landlords are ok, but the owners of most of the homes are stuck up pricks stealing the little bit of money people have. Don't live there. DON'T RENT THERE!! THE PLACE AND SURROUNDING CITIES ARE HORRIBLE STAY AWAY!!
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AmyKeithsPosted on Jun 16, 2012
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