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Little minded town that wants to be like Big Sister Savannah

This is a once small town that is growing-only because Savannah no longer has the room. Pooler's local government is still small-town minded, however, and is money hungry. I would NOT recommend moving here, no matter how close they are to Gulfstream as an employer. The town counsel only cares for its wallets, and allows big corporations to build, not caring those same corporations cause flooding and other issues. The local city manager would rather hunt than do his job and any complaints regarding local rules are ignored during hunting season. Indeed, a local city council member traded her land for his hunting to avoid complaints regarding the fact she did not keep up her land. Pooler City Police are bullies and not trained for the increase in population and crime-please use radar detectors if passing through on Interstate 95. Unless you have your own weapon, living here is not advised. Public parks for children to play are non existent and anything after evening hours need so- called security to ensure safety and things will only get worse.
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jlandPosted on Oct 06, 2014
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