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Weird Place to live

I used to live here for few years. At first I thought it was quiet and peaceful. The city was clean and I had all shopping centers nearby. But the whole place's attitude changed once the recession set in in 2008. The residents became hostile to immigrants and I was pushed over a few times. I was shocked to see such attitude shown towards a person who has been living in that area without creating any issues in the past. My neighbor lady was creating a lot of noise and nuisance too. Some kids were also throwing water on my son in school. My car was broken into.There were also a few fender-benders I got which I have never gotten into before. All these happened over a stretch of few years. Honestly I do not think immigrants should live in this place. Regards
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AnuPosted on Jan 02, 2015
Enjoy the Leisurely Atmosphere of Pleasanton, CA!

During the summer of 2008, my brother and I spent a weekend in Pleasanton, California. We were completing a circuit of California cities, and Pleasanton was our third stop. Located about an hour away from San Francisco, Pleasanton offers a leisurely atmosphere and a pedestrian-friendly downtown sector. The hotel selection in Pleasanton was excellent. After a lengthy review of the options, we finally decided to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. While the guest room walls were a bit thin, the helpfulness of the staff and the comfortable beds won us over. The highlights of our trip were a day of horse racing at Pleasanton race track and an outstanding dinner at the Hotel Pleasanton. The Hotel Pleasanton offered live music and food that was so tasty that we decided to return to sample their Sunday brunch the next day. On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a scenic drive through downtown Pleasanton, where we browsed the many specialty shops and historic buildings. We were a bit dismayed to learn that we had missed the free concert in the park, but will be sure to add this to our agenda during our next visit. The Pleasanton community is full of charm and beauty, and provides a good atmosphere for relaxing. The residents of Pleasanton are warm and inviting, and the weather is conducive to outdoor activities and shopping. I am already looking forward to my next vacation to Pleasanton!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 10, 2010
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