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High desert living, peaceful and quiet.

The village of Phelan is small but there are a few eateries and a grocery store and gas so all the essentials are here. It's beautiful up here, most of the homes are on dirt roads with large lots and the sunsets and sunrises are to die for. Phelan is unincorporated so if you have an imagination or just want to live life on your terms this is the place for you. The downside is, its prevailing winds, they are a regular and with the dusty environmental opening windows is rare. But if you want outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing in the nearby mountains or just enjoying the night sky, Phelan is for you. Phelan isn't for everyone it's kind of a desert outback but the weather is great and if you don't mind driving a few hours to Orange County or Palm Springs there is plenty to do in this location at a lower cost of living.
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cheryl HokePosted on Oct 07, 2016
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