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The immediate area of Peru has 28,000 people. Peru has the stores and restaurants/fast food places of an area of 40,000 people, plus is very near-to Starved Rock state park, Illinois Valley Community College, and of course-the Illinois River. He has never been to far into the residential area, and it all looked so-so. That was along the main roads, so do not take his word on it. Then again, there is a Liberty Village retirement home right along IL-251, which had well-taken care of homes and apartments for retired people. Just a side note to two fast food restaurants: The Wendy's (right across the street from the mall) is very high-quality and has good service, and has the ultimate soda machine (the one with hundreds of soda options). The Culver's, which is very near-to the Liberty Village retirement area, is the most beautiful Culver's that he has ever seen. That was said because of the great layout of window's, the stone entrance wall, and the very clean tables-which is hard to come by these days. All in all, Peru is a great place to visit, and is a great place to retire. The non-retirement home living in Peru is probably pretty good, but he had not been far enough into Peru to give an honest evaluation on the housing. Thank you for reading his whole review-he probably went on for too long.
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The__Illusive__ManPosted on Mar 18, 2015
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