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Population (2013)68,084
People per square mile2,169
Household income$46,435
Income per capita$13,432
Male/Female ratio0.95:1
Males 18-39 years34.2%
Females 18-39 years32.6%
Married (15yrs and older)52.2%
Have children (under 18yrs)65.8%
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  • AreaVibes Contributor reviewed Perris, CA
  • February 17, 2015
Perris California is a Beautiful Place to LiveI have lived in Perris California for many years and can proudly say that overall it is a great city to grow up in. It was the perfect size population wise for my family and I with just over 72,000 people. It wasn't too large of a city,Read full review

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Neighborhoods in & around Perris, CA

Hawarden Hills, Riverside8313.4
Orangecrest, Riverside809.1
Victoria, Riverside8013.9
Canyon Crest, Riverside7912.4
Mission Grove, Riverside7910.8
Alessandro Heights, Riverside7812.1
Wood Streets, Riverside7815.9
Sycamore Canyon Park, Riverside7711.7
Magnolia Center, Riverside7715.2
Canyon Springs, Riverside7610.9
Arlington South, Riverside7615
Arlington Heights, Riverside7614
Ramona, Riverside7415.5
Presidential Park, Riverside7314.6
Arlington, Riverside7316
Casablanca, Riverside7314.3
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Yorba Linda, CA8634.3
Irvine, CA8633.2
Mission Viejo, CA8628.4
San Clemente, CA8533
Laguna Niguel, CA8532.9
Ladera Ranch, CA8528.6
Chino Hills, CA8532.3
Laguna Beach, CA8435.9
Claremont, CA8435.5
Villa Park, CA8433.6
Pasatiempo, CA8427.3
Lake Forest, CA8328.1
Dana Point, CA8334.7
Walnut, CA8340
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