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My Peabody, Massachusetts City Review

As someone who has lived in the small state of Massachusetts for my entire life I have had the chance to visit nearly all of the state's cities and towns. Among the ones I have frequently visited is the City of Peabody in the northeast section of Massachusetts. This city of approximately 50,000 residents is one of the nicest communities in New England, if not the whole nation. In fact in 2009 Forbes Magazine rated Peabody as the 14th most livable city in the entire United States! The schools are good, transportation in and out of the city is easily accessible and the shopping is excellent at the Northshore Mall, one of the largest in New England. There are also some great restaurants such as The Courthouse Pub or my personal favorite Buddha's Tavern. History buffs will especially enjoy the George Peabody Museum or the famous Witch Museum right next door in Salem, featuring artifacts from the infamous witch trials of the 1600's. In fact a good tip for tourists wishing to avoid paying the high costs of the Salem tourist traps is to stay in a more reasonably priced hotel in Peabody and then drive into Salem to visit the witchcraft displays. Of course like most New England towns Peabody has suffered somewhat from the loss of the manufacturing base that once provided economic vitality through mills and factories, many of which have moved down south or overseas in recent decades. Yet the economy of Peabody remains vibrant with key employers such as Boston Acoustic and the Lahey Clinic continuing to do well. Those relocating to Peabody will probably have little problem finding employment in Peabody or the surrounding towns, as the unemployment rate in eastern Massachusetts is well below the national average.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 26, 2012
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