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Attractions Found For Low Prices In Pasadena, CA

I have traveled to Pasadena many times and think it is a fairly decent city. Travelers will enjoy visiting Pasadena. There are plenty of museums, parks and excellent restaurants in Pasadena. One of the most notable restaurants is Yahaira's Cafe, offering Latin-American cuisine. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, the food is always delicious and fresh, and staff are very friendly. During the summer, there are numerous free music performances in the city of Pasadena for the public. Performances are generally always good and definitely worth watching. Camping and hiking are popular activities to pursue in Pasadena, with plenty of beautiful areas to choose from, for low prices. Several campgrounds surround Pasadena, but the ones I found to be the most scenic, clean and affordable were Spruce Grove and Idlehour Campground. One downfall of Pasadena is that several neighborhoods are still rough. Rough areas are improving, but still exist. During the summer the air is very hot and humid much of the time. Those seeking to relocate to Pasadena will find their air conditioning quite high. Also, freeways near Pasadena have a tendency to be crowded most of the time, making commuting and driving a challenge.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 30, 2010
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