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Crooked place

Don't even drive through this town. Police will stop you and give you a ticket for anything . Tale light goes out through there you don't get a warning n when you plead not guilty and give good explanation the judge raulty still fines you the ticket and if you speak at all he gives you another ticket for contempt . Big money scam in this town. Library, water office, court room in a old school building and bathrooms nasty and several nailed shut and only three available and no toilet paper and sink rusted through and no paper towels and had a roach crawling up the sleeve of my shirt . Judge in my opinion is no good he treated everybody crappy and was rude and smart ellic and there were at least a 100 people in there for court and he carried out the tickets and fines no matter how little and if they had witnesses it didn't make no difference . Very very crooked place .
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Camaro Posted on Mar 18, 2016
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