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Owensboro, KY - Beautiful Parks

I have lived in Owensboro, KY for a few years now. While it does have a few drawbacks I love the beautiful parks, the weather and the Fine Arts Museum. This city is on the banks of the Ohio River. I have even heard that Johnny Depp used to live here! That is not surprising since it is a great place to live. There is something for everyone to enjoy. While there are some areas to stay away from most of the city is safe to walk around. The worst part is, there are not many sidewalks. This is especially true for the outer areas. In fact, when you want to go somewhere you are probably going to have to drive. Unless I am in the heart of downtown I take my car to get from one place to the next. That is not usually a problem, though, the traffic is not bad. Probably the best thing to do in Owensboro is visit downtown. It is beautiful. I love visiting the park along the Ohio River. In good weather there are bands playing and shopping fairs along the banks. I always get great deals there. Of course, market square is a must see because there are great restaurants and theaters. The must visit place is the Edge Ice Center. They have hockey, ice skating and during the summer I like to swim there. Overall, this is a great place to live that has a fairly low cost of living. Since I moved to Owensboro I have really loved this city.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Mar 23, 2012
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