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Oh My Gosh I Went to Oshkosh, WI

I visited Oshkosh, Wisconsin last year for three days at a local hotel. My favorite part of the visit to Oshkosh was walking in the downtown historic districts. These houses and buildings have existed since even before the mid eighteen seventy's. The older homes that have been well maintained come in all different shapes and sizes and offer a historic experience that created wonderful memories for my fiance' and I. The great thing about our visit to Oshkosh was the fact that we travelled there in the summer time and went to the Leach Amphitheatre on the fox river. The entertainment was fun and exciting Waterfest Concert Series. We also visited the Grand Opera House which was a chance for us to experience an exciting and elegant evening for the two of us. We had the chance to dine at some wonderful restraunts in Oshkosh and take in the sun at the local park. We made had a picnic and laid in the grass. My fiance' also wanted to visit the Experimental Aircraft Association's air venture which is known as the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. I wasn't too happy about going but once we got there I was astounded. It was one of the most interesting celebrations I have ever been too. We saw world class aircraft up close and personally. It was a wonderful way to end our trip to the city of Oshkosh.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 10, 2010
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