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Not the best but certainly affordable...

This town is very small, one bar, a super walmart, a couple gas stations, a few little businesses here and there. There seems to be more small restaurants around town than anything else. The people here? Not so great... This town is certainly affordable but there's a reason for that, and because its so affordable it attracts a certain type of people... Not all, but a lot. Though they seem a laid back crew, not exactly friendly mostly but they don't really care much about each other which for some is actually a good thing, like for me, Im not the type to go chat with the neighbors on a average day haha. Commuting to any of the bigger towns/cities nearby takes about 20-30 minutes in any direction. There's lots of nature nearby, not a huge overcrowded city by any means. I guess overall I haven't minded living here so far. No one bugs me and the few things I need - groceries, gas, and alcohol, are close by, even if there may not be much variety.
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edelneroPosted on Mar 12, 2015
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