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This town is a dump

This is the worst place I ever lived. There is NOTHING here, unless your family goes back at least 100 years in town and you have nothing to do except gossip with your neighbors. It's at least 30 minutes drive from any store, restaurant, etc. The only places to eat in town are fast food and gas stations. The only stores are Dollar General and a tiny grocery/liquor store that sells overpriced processed junk, wilting produce, and gray meat. People here are suspicious of outsiders and the first question everybody asks is "What is your last name?" The whole town has a mindset like it's stuck in the forties. They are OK with being racist and ignorant. The schools are bad quality, there is no childcare for any kid over age 5, no after school care, and the newspaper publishes gossip about people such as their income, disability, and personal matters. Steer clear of this hot mess.
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gregsPosted on Jun 12, 2017
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