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If your retired and rich, you'll love the place ! And I mean 200k per year and up ! I am a landlord and my people pay average $1300 per month rent, plus expenses for a normal small family = bring home pay of roughly $30,000 per year !! So if you make $40,000 you can rent from me ! Housing buy costs, only for the rich ! Cost of groceries 30 percent more than even Arizona, Gas + 30. POLICE ! If you like being told what to do, when to do it, and or why, you will like the Ojai Valley ! There are more rules and regulations in this area than one could imagine !! Nightlife, non-existent, thank the police.. Corruption !! At it's finest !! Government organizations water districts are about the most obvious of the corrupt. Sewer district, $700 per year per house, no matter the size of the family or the house.. Taxes, ha !! Build a house pay the local school district roughly $5,000 !! No matter if you have one child or 10 !! Pay, pay pay.......Yes it has great weather, hence as long as your rich, your good to go !! I myself can afford it but I have moved, it is disgusting to see this once great place to suck so bad..Along with the rest of the usa !!
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k.k.Posted on Jul 09, 2016
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