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Safe Haven to Live

Area vibes had Oak Island, NC rated A+ for crime and then recently changed it to C. I was shocked, because Oak Island is so safe! I contacted the sheriff and he said nothing has changed to cause the rating to be dropped to a C. He was also surprised about the rating. The neighboring Southport, that is so close it shares same chamber of commerce with Oak Island, is still at A+. The town doesn't have shopping malls or wild nightlife. It is just a sleepy little town that happens to be by the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are the prettiest I have ever seen and there are no large high rises to interfere with the hometown feeling. There are 50 access points with parking that makes it so convenient for beach lovers. I personally like the fact that I have to go to nearby Southport or to Wilmington to shop for extensive things. I would rather be on the quiet little island with not much to do but enjoy the beauty. There are very good restaurants and grocery stores nearby. There's also plenty of places to catch your own fish for dinner. I could not ask for more. In the summer when the tourists visit, it can get louder on the east side where most non-locals stay, but then they leave and the island returns to normal.
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AvaPosted on Mar 11, 2015
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