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Where in the World is Novato, CA?

The city of Novato, California is located across the bay from San Francisco. It is in the county of Marin. This little bit of country is a quiet respite for people who work in San Francisco which is only 29 miles away. In Novato you will find beautiful rolling hills and magnificent mountain vistas. Having lived here and commuted to the city; I can tell you that once you are on the road to San Francisco the rolling hills make the commute relaxing and a lot quicker than you think. For a weekend getaway or a "staycation" the Napa/Sonoma vineyards are only 20 miles away. Novato is known for its small town charm but it is also home to Fireman's Fund Insurance Company and many small biotech and technology firms. Probably the name most recognized company is the Berkenstock Distribution USA. The city offers a wonderful Novato Farmers Market every Tuesday afternoon. The vegetables and fruits are mostly grown in the area surrounding the town. It is a great place to not only shop but also to meet up with friends and do an outdoor picnic. Just bring a bottle of your favorite wine and a blanket; all the food you will need is right there. Novato was once the home of the Hamilton Air Force Base; after World War II it was decommissioned and has been under development since. Most of the barracks are now apartment and condo buildings. The huge Quonset buildings are now home to Bertenstocks and many other businesses. The people of Novato are a very tight knit family and believe in taking care of each other. When a neighborhood project comes up everyone pitches in to help. Currently the town is offering engraved bricks to build a patio surrounding city hall. They had original had six thousand bricks available and now they have less than two thousand bricks to go until the patio will be completed. I purchased one for my family; so when you go to Novato look me up, I'm in space number four.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 25, 2012
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