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Norwalk, CA - A Refreshing Break From Los Angeles

Norwalk is a fairly pleasant area located in Los Angeles County, south of the city itself. With the plentiful shopping, restaurant and dining opportunities, I have traveled there several times and found the best restaurant to be Sara's Mexican Bar & Grill. Originally I had stopped there, thinking the place didn't look very spectacular but was intrigued because it shared my name. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent food, cooked to perfection and friendly attitude of the staff and owner in this fantastic Norwalk restaurant. Unlike the trendy style of many boutique shopping areas or generic malls in greater Los Angeles is the Norwalk Town Square shopping center. With a diversity of popular and unique stores and set up to resemble a traditional town square, this location combines a 1950s style with modern architecture. Parking is usually easy to accomplish, which is a refreshing rarity in this city. Located near four major freeways, Norwalk is a reasonably priced area to live and jobs are easier to find than many areas in Los Angeles. Retail is the main industry in this city. Whether moving or visiting, everyone is sure to find something to love about Norwalk.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 11, 2010
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