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North Highlands, California

North Highlands, California. While not an actual city, it is what is known as a census designated place. What this basically means is that there is countable populations outside of designated incorporated municipal areas such as cities, villages and townships. For me, a nomad in my professional life, I have been blessed with travel and the ability to live in different areas, for at least a few months at a time. Sometimes I live in hotels or sometimes I sub-let an apartment or a condominium. It all depends on what my client will pay for or if they have other living arrangements for me. In North Highlands, California I was afforded the opportunity of staying in a condominium in Sacramento, which is in the heart of North Highlands. Being my base of operations for nine months I had the opportunity to explore this beautiful and intriguing area. Seeing as I am an outdoors person, hiking, biking, and photography and skiing, this could not be a more perfect area for me. I am also a history buff as well as a student of folk music. This area has it all. I am in love! There is great access to restaurants in Sacramento as well as history of the region. Live acoustic music is offered all over. The access to the outdoor life is spectacular. There are areas, like any large city, to avoid in Sacramento, but all in all it is a very safe local. I had no problems exploring in the night time hours. This is one area that is on the top of my list of places should I decide to putdown my roots. Highly recommended for singles and families.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 22, 2015
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