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Our Midwestern Home

I really love it here. Lived here since I was a young kid and it is great. The people are friendly, once in awhile there's rude individuals, but the pros outweigh the cons. First to start things off, I better explain to anyone who doesn't know that the city is usually called, Bloomington/Normal, it is treated as one city usually in real life. Politically were divided, but when you come, you'll see that we are one big community. "Uptown" Normal as they call it has changed into an economic and Eco-friendly area, Transportation of buses are a must and Eco-cars that run on electricity are popping all over the place as well as little areas to recharge them. Also there are many business opportunities as well, Mitsubishi has a plant here, and Steak and Shake started here. The schools are okay, a few ghetto kids came from real inter-cities in my classes and were racist, also a few kids from the surrounding small village type towns giving off country music and ford and dodge trucks. The nightlife is amazing, Bars and Shuttle-busses all night. Restaurants open until 2-3 AM on Friday or Saturday. We have a hockey team, an indoor football team, and a minor league baseball team. We have the U.S Cellular Colosseum, with concerts and games 24/7 in Bloomington. The castle theatre has bands and shows. There are a load of movie theaters. And miles of trails are around the city. (ISU) Illinois State University, is the first state college in the country centered in Normal. They added a new Marriott in town. Normal has placed it's city hall in the Amtrak train station down near college campus. The suburbs are pretty nice and fancy and rich. The area I live in is apartments which aren't the best in Normal, but they're okay. But Normal is a great place full of potential, and it's a happening place 24/7. When you come be sure to have fun and be safe.
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EternityOfPeace Posted on Feb 27, 2014
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