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Noblesville, Indiana Review

I was born and raised in the great corn state of Indiana! Lived in the city of Indianapolis for about ten years or so, but decided to relocate to Noblesville, Indiana, and glad I made the choice! The big city life had its pros and cons (cons sometimes outweighing the pros), but ever since I moved to Noblesville seven years ago, I never looked back. Noblesville is a wholesome community. Starting a home here will give you a high quality of life. Outstanding schools for the little ones, a community with well-paying work, and nourishing environment. The great thing about Noblesville is its diversity. Many different types of people call this place home like I do. It is similar to Indianapolis and offers all of its features, but without the stress. What I love about the city of Noblesville is the traditions of the past it celebrates. And while holding on to those traditions, it also welcomes the path to the future to further better the communities. Noblesville is definitely the best place to raise a family. It just has that small town charm a lot of people crave, as well as the city aspects. The culture of Noblesville is rich. Many cultural activities take place throughout the year, simply passing through the downtown district is a piece of history! Or going to see local bands live in Seminary Park. And the Belfry Theater is great to see amazing performances with actors from the town. Every person loves to hear about the great things of a place before moving there, they also like to hear the negatives. With Noblesville, I have yet to find a negative thing about this timeless town. Ib seven years I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed calling it my home.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 17, 2015
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