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The News About Newport News, VA

I would say Newport News is not any different than any other city. There are good areas through the city, and there are bad areas. Some neighborhoods in Newport News are beautiful, but can get very pricey! The scenery in Newport News is quite beautiful. It has lots of parks and trails. I am not into museums, but the Mariner's Museum seems to be the big attraction here. Busch Gardens isn't too far, either. The last time I was in Newport News I enjoyed one restaurant/bar in particular called Mitty's Ristorante and Mitty's the Club. They are separate, but both located in the Omni Hotel. The restaurant serves up excellent Italian food with a full service bar. The nightclub is pretty casual. It offers dancing, drinks and nuts. Laid-back fun if you are looking for something to do. Another fun activity in Newport News is boating in Lake Maury. The city of Newport News is quite pleasant. Definitely one worth looking into for travel or relocation.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 05, 2010
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