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New Haven- The dual identity city

This city has it's good points that set it far above the normal city attractions such as Yale, the museums, the historical background, beaches, music, clubs/venues, nightlife, restaurants, festivals, and culture. However, there is a horrible dark side to this city. I know this because I see what's going on outside my window, watch the local news, read statistics, and are constantly woken up at night by the sirens from police cruisers and ambulances driving by to find the next young victim of a gang related shooting. The apartment I live in now I found for rent in the classifieds. It was big, beautiful, clean, architecturally stimulating with utilities included, and in our price range!! We viewed it during the day at the end of summer. It seemed ok, pretty quiet, and not too far from downtown. We signed the lease and moved in. Now, almost a year later, we have realized we now live right in the middle of gang territory. I'm afraid to walk alone anywhere, my car got stolen, and there are illegal activities everywhere you go. Basically the moral to this story is research and research some more where you think you want to move to. There may be a good reason why that awesome home/apt is so cheap! Another tip, don't trust realtors or property owners. It's all about the $ they'll be raking in. I'm NOT saying that all of New Haven is bad/ unsafe, it's not. There are wonderful sections of NH to live in. But you have to be careful all the time and know the places to stay away from!
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AcePosted on Aug 20, 2013
New Haven, CT City Guide

I lived just outside the city of New Haven a few years ago and enjoyed every opportunity I had to go into this very small city. It's an old seaside town with plenty to do and see. One real positive about New Haven is the crime rates, or lack of crime. New Haven is known as a very safe city, so you should feel comfortable raising your family in New Haven. Museums in New Haven like the Peabody Natural History Museum and the available Yale University art and history exhibits make for great afternoon dates or family outings. Restaurants in New Haven are plentiful, and all delicious! Pizza lovers should try "New Haven style" pizza from Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana; it's a real treat. Though New Haven has lost some of its reputation over the years, it is picking up again, becoming a great place for singles and young families to live, with a happening social scene and quite a lot of culture and attractions.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 31, 2010
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