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East Brunswick, NJ - Great Place To Live

I lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey for three years and really enjoyed the proximity to New York City and the excellent rail transportation service to New York City. I found the area to be quite congested and very expensive. The cost of living index is currently 128 and the national average is 100. Nearly every square inch of the city is built up and a hard rain has no place to go. There is no bare earth for the water to seep into. While there are drainage pipes they were never installed in the proper size to handle the water. Much of the water from a heavy rain runs south, but a lot of the water causes problems in New Brunswick. The city is a high-end city with the median household income at $100,000, and this is one of the highest in New Jersey. The median house price is $394,000 up from $200,000 in 2000. The median apartment rent is $1200 per month. The population of New Brunswick is approximately 60,000 people. The Brunswick Square Mall is not only a major shopping center but it also a major tourist attraction. New Brunswick is located near Rutgers University and Princeton University which provides many cultural events and adult learning opportunities. These beautiful campuses are a delight to visit. The entertainment choices are endless being so close to New York City. New Brunswick is located in Middlesex County which has 221 grocery stores, 4 supercenters, 172 convenience stores and 477 full service restaurants. Hospitals and medical centers serving the area are located on Staten Island and Brooklyn. The air quality is reasonably good considering the congestion and the proximity to New York City. While I liked New Brunswick, the congestion and the high cost of living caused me to look for alternatives.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 22, 2012
New Brunswick, NJ Adventure, Intrigue, and Advancement

I grew up and lived in New Brunswick NJ until I was 20. It was then I opted to move from there to go away to school. Sure, I was simply trying to see the world and establish myself as an adult. The truth is you do not know what you have until it is gone. I talk to friends up in New Brunswick and visit there with family a few times a year. There are many things to do all around New Brunswick. Life in a city like this affords you opportunities to have the best of the best. In NJ you eat the best foods, shop at the best stores, and see unimaginable sites. NYC is just a hop skip and a jump away lending New Brunswick NJ to many different opportunities than other regions. By far this is the greatest thing that I have noticed since moving to the Midwest. While the slower pace is sometimes pleasant, the advancement opportunities in the Midwest tend to be much more limited then those in New Jersey. In Jersey, you have major corporations, outstanding universities and medical schools, and loads of businesses by which you can advance your career. Rutgers University for example offers some incredible shows and events throughout the year. In addition there are plenty of theaters, four star restaurants, and four star hotels. These will truly allow you to understand the caliber of what is to be had in NJ. Sure the cost of living in New Jersey is higher then in most regions of the United States but the advancement opportunities are incredible. Salaries are also considerably higher which can help you meet the higher cost of living. In New Brunswick, NJ life is fast paced and fun. Adventure lies around every corner and is yours for the asking. I truly miss living in New Jersey.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 26, 2012
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