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New Bedford, MA - History by the Waterside

New Bedford, much like the rest of Massachusetts, has a great historical value. I passed through on a school field trip and was quite pleased with the beautiful community, excellent selection of waterfront activities and vast majority of historical sites and attractions. The city of New Bedford is a great place to visit for families, couples or anybody who is a history buff, enjoys historical sight seeing and just enjoys the small town feel. The community in New Bedford is what really makes it so beautiful with small parks, quiet streets and an almost eerie feel of silence in the evening only to be overcome by the beautiful sensation of spending time in New Bedford. I honestly considered moving to New Bedford after my visit. The shopping is limited to small shops and a strip mall mostly with crafts and clothing. Nightlife throughout the city is practically non-existent and the restaurants are wonderful although the local food is usually seafood and most restaurants in the New Bedford area do focus their menu on the seafood. The waterfront provides a great array of historical boats, fishing and other waterfront activities which can be enjoyed by just about anyone!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 06, 2010
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