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National City - San Diego's Twin

National City, California is a town that is strikingly close to the much larger city of San Diego. When I got a job in the San Diego area, I decided to move into National City because of how dramatically smaller it was than the neighboring cosmopolitan area for how close it was. National City California has a population of about 55,000 and is a city that feels the effects of San Diego every day. However, despite this, it has maintained the smaller city feel, at least since I moved there several years ago. The conveniences of a the large urban area are numberless. For the younger crowd living in National City, California means access to some of the most fun clubs and bars in the state. The cab ride at night is quick and cheap and will drop you off right in the center of San Diego where all of the action is usually happening. Another advantage of National City is the shopping. You have the choice of getting all of your shopping done right with National City city limits, or making a quick trip to the larger number of stores and shops found in San Diego. Another great thing about National City is its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Especially during the summer weekends, family after family flocks to the gorgeous beaches all up and down the coast. National City has streets that are generally empty except during these weekends when everyone seems to be moving the same direction. On that note, National City is a place in Southern California experiencing all of the great climate. It never gets below 40 degrees (in the coldest months of the year) and the springs and falls are some of the most enjoyable in the entire state. For those who do love the winter sports however, the drive the more mountainous parts of the state is never too far from National City.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 16, 2012
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