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Get Railroaded in Naperville

On June 7 traveling with my daughter and her son I drove her car to the Naperville commuter station. I parked in the public lot north of the station in stall #829. I then went to the station to pay on the machine for parking. I showed parked in stall 329 in the machine rather than 829. I did in fact pay for parking.I was issued a parking citation and on June 27 I appealed the citation and with the appeal I included my receipt for parking which clearly shows stall number 329 on 6/7/17 the date of the citation. It also shows that I paid $2.05 with my credit card. I would understand one questioning why it took me 20 days to reply to this ticket. We live in an adjoining state and after visiting your rotten stuck up city on our way home my wife met us to picked me up and my daughter continued on her way home. I left the citation in her car and was not able to get it again until I saw her on 6/24/17.I understand that it would be my responsibility to input the correct parking stall number into the machine. But having shown proof of payment with my receipt included with my appeal I fail to understand why Sgt. Zook would deny my appeal. It seems that I showed proof of payment and had simply made a human error.I called on 6/29 after receiving the denial to the traffic division and spoke to the administrative assistant. She informed me that my next step would be to request a court date. I told her that I understood but that I live 6 hr. away and that would not be practical for me. But then again I did not like having to pay for a parking violation that I did not actually commit having made every effort to pay for parking and then attaching my receipt to my appeal. She transferred me to Sgt. Zook’s office phone and I left a detailed message. I have not heard back from him because I am sure he thinks he is an important son of a bitch and doesn't need to reply to the general public.I then sent an email to Chief Marshall copied Mr. Micheal DiSanto as I would believe that the City Attorney would not feel it in his best interest to take this case to court. In that email I included the citation, receipt for parking, and my credit card statement showing payment of $2.05 to the city of Naperville. I would have also copied Sgt. Zook but the email he sent was no-reply and I could not find an email address for him. I had hope that we could resolve this matter and I would not be ask to take the expense to travel to your bankrupt state to defend myself. Realizing that it would be cheaper for me to pay the fine than to travel I got a letter today from Chief Marshall stating that the citation will not be withdrawn. I will never travel to your city again nor spend one red cent within it's limits. I will also pass this along to many of my friends who travel to the Chicago area.
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banzaiengrPosted on Jul 07, 2017
A Naperville, IL Welcome

During my road trip of 2008, I visited Naperville, IL. One of my good friends has lived in Naperville for almost his entire life. I was pretty excited about the visit because the fabulous city of Chicago is about 30 miles to the west, with this in mind, I figured Naperville was going to be a spectacular treat. When I first pilled into Naperville, I had to stop to get gasoline, because I was getting low. While fueling up, an elderly couple in a mini van pulled up right behind my vehicle. They noticed my out of state plates and engaged me in conversation. I drove out of the service station feeling that if they were a sign of the people in Naperville, I was in for a nice visit to this city. Turns out, I was correct as the people of Naperville did not disappoint. I found them to be very friendly people and easy to engage in conversation, unlike folks from big cities. While I was not impressed with the nightlife, I found that Naperville had an impressive Theater District. You can have dinner and then take in a live show over at North Central College. They even have a comedy spot, called the Comedy Shrine. I would have to rate this is one of the best places I have visited because of the wonderful people and the entertainment over at the Theater District.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 31, 2010
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