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Nampa, ID: A Small City With Lots of Activity

My twin sister has lived Nampa, Idaho, and I visit this city to do all of my shopping and other activities. It's located just twenty minutes west of Boise, Idaho, and has experienced tremendous growth in the past fifteen years. As Idaho is a small state most of the cities have less than one hundred thousand residents. Nampa is one of the larger cities with a total population of approximately 82,000 people. Nampa would be considered a small city for some, but those of us who live in other parts of Idaho believe Nampa has a lot of amenities and activities to offer. Each week, my husband, kids and I go to Nampa from a smaller rural community in order to do the grocery shopping, go out to eat and take in a movie. Nampa has a myriad of grocery stores and restaurants to choose from. We usually go to Winco which is in a shopping center close to several restaurants and a movie theater. Some of the restaurants in that area include a Chinese buffet and an American buffet, several fast-food restaurants, some twenty-four hour diners, and a steakhouse or two. We usually end up going to one of the buffets or to the Mongolian Barbecue located just down the street. There are also two movie theaters located close to the grocery store. One is a first run theater; whereas, the other offers second and third run movies. We usually save a bit of money by going to the third run theater. Nampa is home to the Snake River Stampede which is a world class rodeo that brings people from all over the country. Nampa also has an active music theater program. One negative is that it is home to the Hispanic gangs in the county. However, with the advent of the Canyon County Gang Taskforce in 2005, gang activity has decreased exponentially in the past several years. Nampa is a great place to visit and to be from!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 23, 2012
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