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Beautiful City

Milford, CT is a beautiful city with wonderful people. There is so much to do and it is very family friendly. The only bad part is the corrupt government. The mayor is elected by the city worker unions he promises to support at the expense of the taxpayers. The city jobs go to city workers friends and family. I took a civil service exam and got 88 but the personnel manager took it down to 63 illegally to disqualify me in order to hire someone's relative and no one in our city government did anything about it. Taxes are sky high to pay the huge city workers salaries. We also have double dipping which in most states is illegal. Questions to the mayor's office go unanswered, the only time he is visible is when there is a photo opportunity. If we could get an honest government for the people and by the people, Milford, CT would be the perfect city to live and raise families.
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vibesPosted on Jul 22, 2015
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