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Middletown, CT - Gilmore Gilrs?

Middletown Connecticut is one of those super cute towns that everyone should have the chance to live in at least once in their life. I was afforded the ability to live there for two glorious years. The north isn't for everyone. I loved it. It kind of reminded me of Gilmore Girls, without the talkative mom. You have the amazing outdoors and the Connecticut River at your doorstep, pretty much no matter where ever your are in the city. They have amazing old Bridges through out the down town area. If you have smaller children a must see attraction of the area is KidCity Children's Museum. They have several places downtown that are mainstream, but what was so attractive to me was the eclectic mixture of Organic Local cuisine that is offered. One of my favorite things about the living there was the local farmer's market. It is seasonal and it was only offered twice a month, at the time. There was little to no crime to my recollection. If you are an outdoors person, not to worry. There was an amazing trail that took you next to the river trail and even went back to a small waterfall. I think the apartment we rented was about $1100 a month, which for that part of the country was pretty average. The views in the fall were nothing short of spectacular if you are like myself. I came from the south. We didn't exactly have the changing of the leaves thing going on down here, or seasons for that matter. So, Fall is an amazing sight there. I highly recommend the city itself and feel it is lacking nothing. I would move back in a minute if given the opportunity.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 14, 2015
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