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Population (2013)443,875
People per square mile3,249
Household income$49,233
Income per capita$24,570
Male/Female ratio0.97:1
Males 18-39 years31.7%
Females 18-39 years29.3%
Married (15yrs and older)55.7%
Have children (under 18yrs)43.6%
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  • AreaVibes Contributor reviewed Mesa, AZ
  • November 17, 2014
Mesa, AZ Typifies Middle Class SuburbiaI have lived in Mesa, AZ, for extended periods of time for work purposes over portions of 15 years, and so this city in the Est Valley region of Phoenix has become a second home to me. Mesa is an incredibly diverse and large suburb as itRead full review
  • gf503 reviewed Mesa, AZ
  • January 05, 2014
It's getting betterMesa has changed a lot in the past twenty years. I will say first off that I do not recommend Mesa to anyone with kids who will be attending public schools, for that matter I would recommend against 80% of Arizona public schools; forRead full review

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  • rover4 posted a question in Mesa
  • December 29, 2014
looking for apartments for 50+Looking for Apartments for 50+ in the Mesa area. No special needs just would like a place with people I can relate to and makeSee full question
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Neighborhoods in & around Mesa, AZ

Sandahl, Tempe857.2
Sunburst Farms, Tempe856.8
Corona Del Sol, Tempe857.6
Tally Ho Farms North, Tempe847.8
Warner Estates, Tempe847.2
Daley Park, Tempe845.7
Mission Ridge, Tempe847.6
Estate La Colina, Tempe846.9
University Estates, Tempe846.1
Raintree, Tempe847.7
Tally Ho Farms, Tempe848.1
Alameda-Campus, Tempe835.8
Brentwood-Cavalier, Tempe835.9
Alta Mira, Tempe837.4
South Scottsdale, Scottsdale838.4
Duskfire II, Tempe838.7
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Cities near Mesa, AZ

Gilbert, AZ845
Scottsdale, AZ847.7
Carefree, AZ8428.6
Paradise Valley, AZ8310.3
Cave Creek, AZ8329.7
Fountain Hills, AZ8314.3
Litchfield Park, AZ8330.8
Maricopa, AZ8327.7
Peoria, AZ8326
Surprise, AZ8236
Chandler, AZ827.6
Valle Vista, AZ829.8
City of the Sun, NM8214.2
Goodyear, AZ8132.7
Queen Creek, AZ8116.2
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