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mediocre living, cheap

my beliefs may be different than that of others. i tend to like outdoors activities that are done in the nice weather. hunting isnt big for me. it is a big deal here. as well, the packers are huge. in menasha the jobs are ok, but to get one you best have a perfect record. the unemployment rate here leaves for one job opening recieving a few hundred applications. the schools in menasha are mediocre, but dont expect much caring, other schools in the fox valley area are much better. jobs in the area are similar. entertainment wise menasha is iffy. you have to leave. one nice thing is that the schools and entertainment close by are very broad. its hardly a drive to get anywhere. just have to put up with stupid people as anywhere. night life is semi lacking. be careful what bars you go to if you dont want things getting stolen. most people are decent to one another, but hardly seem to be friendly amongst neighbors as most people are self centered. there isnt much for attractions. again the surrounding area makes up for menasha. seeing that menasha is center of fox valley, much can be said positive about the fox valley, but again what with the job market, if you move here looking for work, you will be hard up to squeeze into much more than entry level stuff unless you are exactly what is being looked for. cost of living is fair, and rent in menasha is cheap. high teen pregnancy rate here. as well, expect to get bent over by the government if you are one of the unluckies who gets caught doing the same as anyone else. child support is super uptight, expect if not payed promptly that you will be tried to be sent to prison. as with many places around here, the police are all about money pits. get a ticket with points, expect to be able to clear the points but pay a lot more. its all a money scheme for everything here. in addition, the weather here can get a bit much. if you dont have plenty of experience with snow driving, dont bother thinking about driving if snow touches down. people here forget how to drive in it themselves until the first few snowfalls. the crime rate is low, therefore expect to almost be harassed by police because they have nothing better to do. overall its a nice place, supposing you can deal with the weather, money skeeving, questionable school systems, and lack of real entertainment without having money. its cheap and you can expect to leave your car unlocked and not really getting things stolen usually. thats about all the good that can be said. everyone knows everyone else here, but only care about the bad things they hear. dating if you are single sucks. anyone attractive is super stuck up because they can be selective. people tend to act like they are better than everyone else.
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scerbzPosted on Nov 05, 2012
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