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Living in the city limits of Mayfield, Kentucky.

I do not advise any person or business to live or start a business in the city limits of Mayfield, Kentucky. The City of Mayfield's Code Enforcement Department is crazy. Here is just a small sample of the possible code violations a person or business could receive from this department: 1) vehicles must be licensed and made operational if anywhere in the city limits even on private property 2) permit to place a storage building in your own back yard (fenced or not) 3) front and back yards are monitored for cleanliness 4) new businesses must be all brick 5) businesses must pave their parking lots 6) garbage cans left for more than one day at curbside 7) carport area monitored for cleanliness : and on and onThere is only 6.7 square miles in the city limits but 33 city police officers with vehicles to monitor every single move you make. The sheer amount of people housed in the jail at any given moment for vehicle violations is shocking. No jobs located here but plenty of fast food restaurants. Every business is squeezed into a very small section of town on the same road causing major traffic jams at all times of the day.
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kkbPosted on Feb 26, 2018
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