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Great College Town to Settle your family in

I grew up on the East Side of Mankato, if you are looking for schools in the area Loyola and Mankato West are great options. This town is home to some 15,000+ college students from September-May and it has everything you could ever want in a town that is just the right size. It is very diverse with a strong Somalian presence in the town. Under 85 minutes to get to the airport and to Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area. The hospital in town is affiliated with Mayo Clinic and the best hospital in the United States is only a 90 minute drive away. The town has 40,000 people and it is small enough to not be overcrowded at the mall, but not too small enough to feel like there is nothing to do or to get into everyone's business. Highly recommend this town North Mankato/Lake Crystal/Eagle Lake/Madison Lake to anyone in the area looking.
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MagicMike17Posted on Mar 03, 2015
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