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Moved here little over two years ago from middle, TN. Not being a city person my desire was for a more rural area. Louisville seemed like a nice compromise. It's a diverse area with simple local people and very wealthy out of state people building multi-million dollar homes on the water(TN river). The area is decent. Hardly no crime and usually quite. There are some good folks here. However, there are a lot of entitled people(locals and others) that are ruining the area. They have little if no respect for others. Traffic laws are not observed nor are they enforced. This is a considerable safety concern especially if you have children. Auto insurance went up thirty five percent when I updated the policies. For a town of twenty two hundred that speaks volumes. Already have plans to move either back to middle TN or perhaps south of Blount County. Unfortunately the rumors I have heard are true. The folks of middle TN are a littel nicer then those in eastern TN. Don't get me wrong, there are some really good people here that I am fortunate to know. But overall I am not all that impressed with the area. I would not recommend the area.
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LTN Posted on Mar 03, 2013
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