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Great for Kids, Families, and Retirees, Not So Great For Others

I grew up in Los Altos and spent a lot of my time walking around the town and finding out the "secrets" of the town. Los Altos is a sleepy old town with lots of history, but it is sleepy for sure: there are very few things to do after it gets dark, which means for the young adults and teenagers this town is an absolute bore. Here are some pros and cons of Los Altos: Pros: - Everything is pretty much within walking distance, which is nice for errands and just hanging out and catching up with friends - They have done a lot of remodeling in the last few years so things look very new and chic (think Santana Row in Palo Alto, CA) - Lots of outdoor seating in the downtown area, which is great for people watching and catching some sun - Great library with lots of selection for all ages, and have wonderful story time and various activities for the younger kids - Wonderful farmer's market - Everyone is relatively friendly and, once you've been around for long enough, everyone knows you - EXTREMELY low crime rate - Fantastic schools - Wonderful year-round activities by the city Cons: - Can get really boring; most stores closes by 6 or 7pm (except restaurants), so there isn't really a night life - REALLY expensive housing - Can feel very suffocating Long story short, if you are someone who enjoys the low-key life and want a low-key life to raise your family, then this is an absolutely wonderful place to live. But if you have kids, expect them to find the town to be more and more boring as they get older!
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eapadventures0217Posted on Nov 14, 2015
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